Pro-life Education on CD-ROM

Access pro-life education via this new, effective teaching tool!

There is a lot of false information available on pregnancy, keeping the baby versus not keeping the baby, and adoption versus adoption. To help those interested find answers to their life questions, we are offering a free interactive CD-ROM. "Truth Unmasked" is an interactive CD-ROM designed by Life Issues Institute. It contains graphics and music exclusively designed with today's generation in mind. Young people introduce the CD and its individual sections in video clips. "Truth Unmasked" is appropriate for anyone junior-high age and older.

Life Issues Institute has underwritten the development and promotional expenses. This means we're able to offer each CD for only $1 - the cost of shipping and handling - regardless of how many you order! Our goal? To get as many "Truth Unmasked" interactive CDs as possible into the hands of today's youth.

To order your copy(ies) today, please e-mail us at,

or send a request via mail to our office at

468 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario,  N5P 1C2  


Lifesite is Canada's pro-life and pro-family information outpost, and home of the Campaign Life Coalition.

TIME Magazine: Inside the Womb

Cover story about "the latest science on how healthy babies are born." Plus, an amazing look at how we all began.

A group of physicians who adhere to the principles that conscious life begins at conception and that there are two patients in every pregnancy, and that aborting those who have not left the womb is a gross injustice to the person, degrading to humanity, and contradictory to the role of the physician.

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